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Fashion Independence

Posted on July 03 2020

Fashion Independence

Happy Independence Day

When you think of Independence Day, what comes to mind?  Depending upon who you talk to, you may get a variety of answers.  Some might say that they celebrate Independence Day as a federal holiday commemorating the Declaration of Independence of the United States on July 4, 1776.  Others may recall the science fiction thriller starring Will Smith entitled “Independence Day”.  An individual that has overcome addictive behavior or has gained some sense of freedom from the support of others and stand on their own two feet, could be referred to as their Independence Day. For Above Rubies Boutique, our Independence Day came when we were able to start this online boutique and offer you, our gems, an alternative to a brick and mortar establishment.  No matter what comes to your mind or how you choose to remember it, Happy Independence Day!

For the month of July and to celebrate Independence Day, Above Rubies Boutique is having a “Fireworks Sale”. There are some unique buys, under the sale tab, that you can move from our sale rack to your closet. 

The Above Rubies Boutique website will also offer some stylish A-line dresses in the fall of the year.  We believe this style, along with matching face masks, will be trending. The A-line silhouette is particularly flattering on all body types.  A-line skirts or dresses are fitted at your natural waist and gradually widen towards the hem to create a triangular shape that fans out slightly.  This flattering shape pulls double duty in that it draws the eyes to the waist for pear shapes (larger on bottom) and apple shapes (larger on top), which de-emphasizes the hips and adds the appearance of curves. This means that our slim and curvy gems will look good in this style.  Why are we talking about fall trends in the summer you ask? Well, fall will be here before you know it and we want our gems to be as excited as we are about what is coming later this year.  Currently, we do have some new arrivals including some dresses and casual outfits with masks.  Who says you can’t be stylish and stay safe too!

There are some fantastic new arrivals for both our slim and curvy gems. Be amazed, shop and feel gemtastic!

Fashionably Yours,

The Above Rubies Boutique Team

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